Ionic is a decentralised non-custodial money market protocol, supported by a comprehensive security monitoring and failsafe systems. Ionic gives users complete control over their funds by providing best interest rates on Mode Network. With meticulously designed tokenonomics model, Ionic aims for robust and long-lasting growth, cultivating exemplary conduct among all participants for the collective benefit of every stakeholder.

Key Features:

  • Revenue Sharing: Distributes a portion of the platform's fees + a portion of SFS rewards to users on a weekly basis, relative to their stake.

  • Unrivalled asset support: Biggest variety of supported assets on Mode Network, including but not limited to LRTs, LSTs, and all of the major tokens available, with the ability to easily add new asset classes as new protocols onboard onto the network.

  • Looping: One-click looping to open a leverage position on the desired assets (Coming soon).

In Code We Trust

Ionic's lending operations are fully governed by a code-centric environment, eliminating traditional intermediaries and streamlining the lending process. It incorporates an automated system that dynamically adjusts lending and borrowing rates based on set criteria, such as changes in the pool's capital utilization rate.

As an example, if there's an increase in capital utilization, interest rates automatically rise, motivating borrowers to repay their loans more quickly or attract additional suppliers. This method ensures a continual balance of liquidity, offering users a more secure and stable platform experience.

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