Stage 1: Points Squared

Points provide a quantitative answer to the question of how much a user has contributed to the app and its ecosystem’s success. Points can be earned in two ways on Ionic. As more features are added to the product, new ways of earning points may appear as well.

On Ionic users can earn points by lending and borrowing assets. These points are all equal but some actions have higher points earning potential than others. For instance, ONE lending point = ONE borrowing point but any borrowing point can be earned with less capital.

  • Supply: All the supply positions earn points proportionally to the dollar value deposited.

  • Borrow: Borrows are the main driver of the protocol’s success and help to grow the overall Mode DeFi ecosystem. Therefore, borrows will be rewarded more than a simple supply on every dollar borrowed.

  • Double counting: Supply and borrow points are counted separately and stacked.

  • Special promotions: Get x2 Ionic points for supplying ezETH, weETH, Stone.

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