Isolated Pools

Ionic aims to grow and adapt with both the needs of our users and the ever changing DeFi market. To that end, we aim to offer our users products to fit ever type of risk profile.

Thus, coinciding with the release of ION 2.0 Ionic Protocol will introduce isolated pools, which allow for users to create isolated lending markets with one collateral asset and one loan asset.

In addition to specifying the assets in the pool, pool deployers must also specify a Loan-to-Value cap (LTV), and an Interest Rate Model (IRM). If desired, deployers may default these criteria to Ionic's default parameters.


Although our main pool has helped us grow and provide a competitive lending experience, the benefits of implementing isolated pools will set Ionic apart from its peers:

  1. Flexibility - Isolated pools offer our users the ability to curate their own lending experience.

  2. Risk Mitigating - all crypto assets come with their own risks and tradeoffs; thus, combining them in a single pool creates idiosyncratic risks that are passed directly onto the user. By trimming down the assets in our main pool, and offering Isolated Pools for long-tail assets, we can create a safer and more risk-conscious money market

  3. Efficiency - The flexibility of isolated pools allows us to per asset liquidation parameters without having to consider the risks of other assets in the pool. This allows lenders to lend at a higher collateralization ratio, while facing lower risks.

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