Supply & Earn

Ionic's money market, built on an over-collateralization model, streamlines the process for users to supply assets, secure loans, and earn points (later $ION) as rewards for their activities.

Supply any of the available assets through Ionic dashboard and start earning interest, alongside with Ionic points and Mode incentive program.

How to supply?

Head over to the "Markets" section of the dApp, choose the asset you would like to supply and click "Supply/Withdraw" button. In the pop-up window choose the amount you want to supply and either enable it as collateral or not (enabling asset as collateral will allow you to borrow against it, more details in the next section). Once the 'approve spend' and 'deposit' transaction goes through, you will start earning supply interest + points associated with the asset.

How to withdraw?

Use the same "Supply/Withdraw" button from the "Markets" section of the dApp, then switch to the withdraw part of the pop-up window. Choose the amount you want to withdraw, and once the transaction goes through, your asset will be returned to you wallet.

NOTE: if you have any outstanding borrows, you will only be able to withdraw 90% out of maximum possible amount, this is done to protect users from liquidations due to under-collateralisation of their loan. If you wish to withdraw maximum amount, first you will need to repay your loan.

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